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    Jewelry collections from Valenza goldsmithing tradition

    In this section of our website, we are pleased to introduce our jewelry collections that represent the Valenza goldsmithing tradition. Valenza is renowned for its excellence in producing high-quality handmade jewelry.

    What you will find in our collections

    Our jewelry collections include a wide range of models, each characterized by a particular attention to detail and a search for the most precious materials. You will find rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and much more, all made with artisanal skill and with the utmost care for each individual piece.

    Our passion for the Valenza goldsmithing tradition

    We are proud to continue the Valenza goldsmithing tradition and to carry on the art of producing high-quality handmade jewelry. Each of our jewelry pieces represents the love and passion we have for this ancient art, and we are happy to share it with you through our collections. We hope that our visitors will appreciate the beauty and quality of our jewelry, and can appreciate the artisanal work that goes into each individual piece.

  • Nivola

    Stretch it, wear it!

    • Nivola was born with the desire to innovate the world of jewelry

    • Innovation is the word that more than any other distinguishes this project

    • Innovation to break the mold, the static nature of ideas, beliefs

    • Innovation to amaze and make the jewel a unique work of art

    • Is there anything even more exclusive than all this?

  • One of a kind

    Here at Masi Gioielli when we see a precious stone we fall in love with and immediately we figure how to celebrate its beauty.Here's how a special jewel comes to life! 

  • OneSizeFitsAll

    we have dedicated a new website to the collection

    logo onesizejewels

    you will find all the products here

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