Jewelers for Passion & Tradition

Coming from a family business established by their father Luigi in 1957 in Valenza, for the young brothers Umberto and Andrea Masi it was natural establish in 1988 in Valenza the newborn ‘ Masi Gioielli ‘ as a sign of continuity.


Each Masi Gioielli jewel is created to be worn all day with ease and be lived intensely, but also worn with elegance in the most important events combining classic lines with a design facing at the twenty-first century. Our last collections for example onesizejewels, were inspired by maximum usability.


A team of qualified designers and skilled goldsmiths led by Andrea Masi, each for part of competence, is committed to transform these ideas into operational projects for the production of the new models and collections.


All the precious stones that will be used on Masi Gioielli products, studying stone cuts and non-traditional forms to enhance the design of the jewelry, one of the hot spots of our company is the ongoing research in different kind of gemstones cut are supplied from selected and certified responsable environmental impact, mining practices gemstones dealers.

A very important part in the manufacturing process, in order to get the highest quality, is the selection of materials.

No synthetic or lab grown diamonds are used for our jewels.

Umberto Masi graduate gemologist in 1987 HRD in Antwerp-Belgium (Diamond High Council) personally selects the diamonds taking care about their 'Conflic free' sourcing from certified 'Kimberly Process' diamond dealers only.


The design of the collections is based on studies and observations on current or past trends.

Sometimes the collections are the result of a series of drawings and sketches taken at different times of the day. It happens that the inspiration comes from the study of new cuts of stones, from the research of new materials or the other use of existing ones, or just inspired by everyday life too.


Masi Gioielli produces jewelry collections as well as styles designed and executed exclusively for some customers and unique pieces according to customer specifications offering to our valued customers a "tailor-made" and "bespoke" service for any requirement they may have.

In addition to the classic jewellery designs, although with a modern twist, there is also a more casual line with semi-precious stones such as tourmaline, peridot, amethyst, topaz, quartzs: rose, lemon, smoky.

Thanks to the worldwide known experience of master goldsmiths from Valenza running the manufacturing while still having update some important steps with the latest and innovative technologies that are used in our factories in fact all Masi Gioielli’s products are made 100% in Valenza-Italy .