Mamba 'THE' Bracelet
  • Mamba 'THE' Bracelet
  • Mamba 'THE' Bracelet

Mamba 'THE' Bracelet


There is nothing else to say.

Indeed there is much to be said.

But it is difficult to talk about Nivola without

having it in your hands, twist it, pull it, wear

it and see that almost by magic, returns to its

shape to fit the wrist or the finger of someone

who wants to wear it.

Gold color: White

The Mamba bracelet from Nivola Collection has an innovative and functional design protected by an international patent. It’s the result of almost a year of experiments carried on by Masi Gioielli and its team whose designers, goldsmiths and engineers finally realised a system characterised by a complete and unique elasticity.
Thanks to a single titanium internal wire shaped on purpose the bracelet stretches both vertically then horizontally and it can adapt to any wrist.


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