Expandable Tennis Champagne or Black Diamond Bracelet

Champagne or Black Diamonds Tennis Stretch Bracelet

'Grab and wear' diamond tennis bracelet!!!

Get the ultimate ease of use, NO clasp !!!

  • Stretch Bracelet 

  • Available in white, yellow, rose gold

  • 65 'Champagne' or 'Black' Diamonds ct 5,50 - 6,00

  • Large size Cm 17,50 to max length Cm 23,00 (in 6,90-9,05)

Gold color
Diamond color

Thanks to a patent spring system these rings and bracelets from our OneSize Jewels® Collection doesn't need claps.

  • The result is a easy to wear bracelet collection.
  • This spring system which is sucessfully tested is used for the eternity and rings from our Stretch Collection too to get the ultimate ease of use.

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